If Naresh was the stripper The Monster dated, The Misift is the actress.  Looks pretty yet not much else going on.  Taking over the space from Anisette near the Third Street Promenade, everything from the service to the food felt like well, “a miss fit”.  No one to greet us, too many servers but not enough service, food haphazardly brought to the table, bland food or overcooked food or overseasoned food, and then more problems with the service.  How are water glasses taken away when we ask for more water?  Why is every server also the hostess and every hostess also bussing tables?  Why did The Monster like the roll better than the lobster in his lobster roll? 

When the best course of a meal was a salad you didn’t even really want to get (brussel sprout salad that was just ok) there are problems afoot.  If you put mac n’ cheese on the menu shouldn’t someone try it first to make sure it has, taste?  And then there was the paying debacle.  The waitress tells me she can process my credit card at the table.  And she says it as if she just invented teleportation.  So The Monster gives her his card.  Thinking that she would run it.  She returns the card and what appears to be the bill.  So The Monster asks where one could leave a tip since that was nowhere to be found.  Several minutes pass.  Then some more.  Finally frustrated The Monster leaves a cash tip.  And walks out.  Only to be chased down by the waitress.  Who apparently teleported to me because she never ran the credit card.  Outside on the sidewalk she finally runs the card.  And then asks for a tip.  Which The Monster already gave her in cash. 

Why go?  Because you miss Anisette and think this might help…

Monster rating: 1/5 Monsters

225 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 656-9800

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